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Western Michigan students form angry mob, incite riot, burn cars and couches

For anyone who is familiar with the Knollwood region of Kalamazoo ("west campus"), this type of behavior happens at least once a year. And they say frats and sororities don't have a problem. I'm so proud to have graduated from that fine institution.

"Jackson, a local Realtor, said he and his wife began giving serious thought to selling their home after the latest large Knollwood student party turned into a riot on March 16. An estimated 500 students created a bonfire on Euclid Avenue, overturned two cars and threw rocks and bottles at police trying to break up the disturbance. Jackson and others -- including Joan Walters, president of the Knollwood Neighborhood Association -- say it's the last straw.

"I've seen these (WMU students) get more aggressive," said Walters, of 1415 Sutherland. "These aren't kids anymore, they're criminals."
I lived on Euclid street for a summer. The above about sums it up.

posted by AES on Monday, March 25, 2002 | link to this post |

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