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Quote of the Day (Month):

"'We're sort of in the Hegelian synthesis of figuring out where the products go once they've encountered the reality of the marketplace,' said Charles Fitzgerald, Microsoft's general manager for platform strategy."

posted by p on Thursday, April 11, 2002 | link to this post |


There's Glitter in That Litter

The Washington Post printed an article today about a cat litter mining operation in Reno that is calling into question the Mining Act of 1872. Apparently most kitty litter is mined in the Eastern United States, but a new quarry has been found next to a suburb in Nevada.

"RENO, Nevada -- For a quarter century, geologists searched for the perfect clay, for that one deposit of light, fluffy and -- most important -- highly absorbent pay dirt.

"Then, eureka! They found it here at the scrubby fringe of suburbia, where the world's largest producer of kitty litter hopes to dig a giant open-pit mine on public land to extract millions of tons of the dust-free pellets that discerning house cats prefer."

"The beauty of the claim is that the clay is just five or 10 feet below the surface," [Oil-Dri Corp., maker of Cat's Pride Litter vice president and general counsel Bob] Vetere said. It is easy to get. The miners will drive a bulldozer into the deposit and scoop it up[sic] ."
If there are cats in the news, Bad Faith 2002 is on it.

posted by AES on Monday, April 08, 2002 | link to this post |

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