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Tank Fever

I know how this Atlanta couple feels. Well, not really. I've had some fish die, except usually, I'm the killer.

"...when Joann looked out at the east Cobb couple's gorgeous koi ponds and saw dozens of the fish dying in agony, she was both infuriated and grief-stricken.

"'Our pets have been murdered,'" she said.

"The Kochs say about 150 of their koi -- a special breed of carp, top examples of which are viewed as art and can sell for more than $1 million -- died after chlorinated water from a broken water line above their property off Columns Drive flowed through the ponds.
I feel your pain, Joann. My tank just went through a gruesome fish die off after the introduction of four "bad neons" that killed the rest of the neons and some penguin tetras. But I have replaced the lost fish, and those penguin tetras were bastards anyway, so I got zebra danios this time around. And big apple snail, who is my current tank favorite.

But honestly- is this necessary?
"Although the couple had buried most of the other fish, Joann had put the body of Jack, one of their oldest and largest koi, in the freezer. She took it out and showed it to the company representative.

"It's a fish," he said.

"It's Jack," she responded. "It's not a fish; his name is Jack."

I take a lot of heat for spending so much time on my tank (that means you, David). But I rest assured that there are others with a worse case of tank fever than me.

posted by AES on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 | link to this post |

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